Super-Learners offers on-site group classes for corporations.
At your request, a proposal for your company will be sent to your business.

Weekly Classes
Students usually meet once or twice a week for the duration of the course.
Length of Class Sessions
Each class session lasts minimum 2 hours (no break)
or maximum 3 hours (5-10 min break after 1 ½ hrs)
Number of Students Per Class
With the Super-Learners Method, the maximum number of students recommended is from 10 – 15 people in one class.
Class Level Placement
Students are individually evaluated to determine their experience with the language to be taught and put into the correct group.
• Group 1: Total Beginners
• Group 2: Students with some exposure to the language (1 – 2 years)

Cost of Materials
The Super-Learners Script and CDs are included in the tuition.
A Super-Learners Class Calendar is included. In case the student is absent, he may still listen to the required material/story on his CD and come prepared to class.
Hours Needed
Level 1 is 60 hours in which students learn to speak in the present, the past and the future.
We offer 20-hr, 40-hr and 60-hr packages.
To be determined by the number of students enrolled and the number of hours for which the company signs up. Visit the Tuition Section of the Course Descriptions page.
Please contact us to register for a class.

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