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Super-Learners is now offering
French, Spanish, Italian
Program includes 60-min classes

Children learn new languages at lightning speed because they are right-brained until they are about 12 years old, and can read and write their own native language with ease. Thus, the younger the child, the faster he or she will learn other languages.

With our holistic techniques, your child will learn at lighening speed and retain it if he has continued exposure to the language. The CDs we provide must be played for them 30 minutes a day, five days a week. Your little new LINGUIST will delight you, entertain you and make you envious of his new fluency! But remember, let him/her choose the language! Motivation is another key to fluency in another language!

The perfect opportunity for your children to interact with their friends, your friends’ children, or neighbors. You schedule the class at any time that is convenient for your niños, enfants, bambini (children).

Why Autumn Leaves? Well, it is a feeling of mellowness that I get when I think of the song and imagine the beauty of trees which turn different shades of yellow, brown and red in
the autumn. This image, in turn, evokes a sense of gentleness and joy in my
heart at the thought of little ones all “bright-eyed and bushy tailed” because they are “going to school” to learn another language!!

Thank you for trusting Super-Learners Language School with your child’s new language! Many enlightened parents are aware these days that neuroscience now makes a distinction between the Left and the Right Brain. The Right brain is the one that responds to music, emotions, knows how to play, falls in love, establishes relationships, and is the center of imagination and intuition. The Left Brain is the workaday brain, business-like, down-to earth, the book-learning part of the brain. In normal development of children, the right brain develops first, and some say is there at birth, followed, little by little, by the left brain. In a traditional school setting, education is geared
towards the left brain as the children grow, more and more. Often leaving the right brain behind because of the absence of art, music, etc.

At Super-Learners, we believe, and experts agree, that language is best learned and taught in the early years when the right brain is still dominant. It is in the very early years that we learn our first language-our mother tongue-and it is also during this tender age, that children best learn a second language, and a third and a fourth.

Your child is in an age group that is ideal for learning another language. Our Language Camp for children will use fun and games in class and outside of class, listening to CDs, all of which will appeal to the right brain and promote right brain learning.

However, we’ll need the parents' left brain to support the process. You will be asked to get your child to class, to be sure they listen to their CDs in bed before going to sleep, five nights a week, and to playfully have your child teach you his new language!

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