Why take private tutoring?

Private tutoring is the fastest way to become fluent in another language because you have the complete and constant attention of your Super-Learners Language Guide. We use your 2-hr sessions in several ways. First of all, to perfect your pronunciation. Then with your native-like pronunciation on automatic in your brain, you are ready to start chatting away in your new language. Speaking to your S-L Language Guide as often as possible in your new language will ultimately reinforce your comprehension and speaking abilities in 1/3 the time it would take you in a group situation. The more time you spend speaking your new language, the faster you will become fluent! Furthermore, with your busy work and travel schedule, you have the advantage and the flexibility of scheduling your classes at your convenience as well as rescheduling your lessons if something comes up.

There are also other reasons people choose private lessons: honing in your pronunciation so that it is native-like, the option to use SKYPE when you're traveling, and last but not least, the luxury of going at your own pace.

What is fluency?

Fluency comes in different levels. An example of fluency, for example, is that if you can go to dinner with a native speaker and speak only the target language in the present, past and future tenses for two hours, you are fluent! Then if you want to live in a foreign country and work there this is another level of fluency you will need.

Discipline (listening to your CD 30 minutes a day, 5 times a week and attending class regularly like clockwork) + Passion for the subject + the Super-Learners Holistic Method is the fastest, most effective way to become fluent in another language.


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