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Super-Learners Language School now has available language classes over the internet, using Skype. Technology has made it possible for you to learn a new language with the ONLY Holistic Method available in the world or to simply practice it from anywhere in the world. Right in your living room! In a café! By the pool! Or, right in your office! Relax, sit back, put your headphones on, adjust the microphone, and you are now ready to hablar español, parler français, parlare italiano or to speak English....with an American accent!

When you sign up, we send you your Super-Learners Text and CDs or MP3s!
Simply listen to the tracks on the CD that correspond to your lesson, five days a week for 30 minutes each day. Peripheral learning is what will get you fluent... for the rest of your life.

As far away as Japan, Singapore, France, China, Canada... anywhere in the world, the language of your dreams or business needs is as close as your computer! You can learn to speak English or simply practice it and improve your American accent. What’s great about Skype is that the clarity of the voices is ten times better than that of the telephone!
These are the advantages of learning with Skype:

1. FREE DEMO in Beverly Hills!! Email us to set-up your 5-min. Demo in any of these languages: Spanish, French, Italian, English, Portuguese.

2. FREE!! There are no telephone bills, because we converse over the internet.

3. The Super-Learners Texts and CDs!! All you need in front of you is a Super-Learners Text, which we will send you, and your headset or microphone.

4. Total beginners and intermediate students who truly want to develop a true fluency in the languages we offer various programs.

5. Fluent speakers can also take advantage of this opportunity to practice their language skills or improve them!

6. Read, practice pronunciation and have interesting conversations on any number of subjects no matter what level you are at. We will evaluate your conversational & comprehension levels and decide where you need to begin in order to become fluent.

7. The written word is also possible on Skype. If you don’t know how a word is spelled, your teacher can type it for you. If she wants to give you a new expression, she can just type it for you, and it will appear right in front of you. You can type words, expressions, etc. And at the end of your class, you can print the VOCABULARY you were practicing, put it in a notebook to review periodically, if you wish.

8. With your Logitech headphones for Skype, you will have the clearest and most consistent reception you could possibly want.

9. With the Super-Learners Manual, you have a choice of receiving a bound text, or digital download in the form of a PDF. You’re almost ready to start your lesson. Coffee? Tea? Or a bottle of water? Are you cozy? Ready to expand your right-brain? Allons-y! Ándele pues! Andiamo! Let's go!

10. Right Brain, No Pain! CDs will be sent to you, or made available as MP3 downloads. At Super-Learners, our students have been successful simply by listening to certain tracks for 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week. This is a crucial step in the right brain learning process.

11. Web Camera is optional. Your choice. This not a necessary step in the learning process. Sometimes, it is less distracting to only hear someone speaking.

12. Private Lessons:
Just you and your Super-Learners Guide speaking the language of your choice!

13. Weekly Cafés: Weekly 1-hr gathering for group lessons: Max. 8
Café Au Lait: French group
Caffee Latte: Italian group
Café Con Leche: Spanish group

14. Payment/Tuition Schedule/Investment: Introductory Offer: Pay for increments of 5/10/20 hours.
Credit Card: Visa, MasterCard and American Express
or cashier’s check.

15. Cancellation Policy: 48 hours.

16. Form of Payment: CC

17. Policies/Agreement

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