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Accelerated fluency through private lessons:

The Super-Learners Methodology was developed for those students who are truly serious and motivated to become fluent in another language. In order to achieve this lifetime fluency, Super-Learners Language School offers PRIVATE tutoring because, in our experience, one-on-one tutoring accelerates the fluency process, especially when you include the right hemisphere of the brain. Thus, you can learn 10 times faster than in group classes.

Group classes are generally taught mainly on the left hemisphere, with classes being filled with people who are "dabbling" in a language. This is fine if you just want to learn a few expressions, and socialize with people in that group.

But for serious students who want to become truly FLUENT in another language, private classes are essential.

Super-Learners International Language School

Take a look at our exciting program for Children's Private Language Classes.

See photos and video of Madame Rasmussen with celebrities at the Emmy Lounge Style event.

Denise Richards and Madame Rasmussen

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