Accelerated Fluency Through Private Lessons


The Super-Learners Methodology was developed for those students who are truly serious and motivated to become fluent in another language. In order to achieve this lifetime fluency, Super-Learners Language School offers Private Tutoring because, in our experience, one-on-one tutoring accelerates the fluency process, especially when you include the Right Hemisphere of the brain. Thus, you can learn 10 times faster than in group classes.

Group classes are generally taught mainly on the Left Hemisphere, with classes being filled with people who are “dabbling” in a language. This is fine if you just want to learn a few expressions, and socialize with people in that group.

But for serious students who want to become truly Fluent in another language, private classes are essential.



French has been a language of diplomacy, art, literature, romance, and achievement for centuries. To link your own life story with the story of this beautiful language is an absolute thrill, and truly makes you feel like a citoyen du monde, or citizen of the world. And if that’s not enough, trust us – speaking French is one heck of an amazing way to impress your friends!


With more than 410 million native speakers worldwide, Spanish is the world’s second most widely spoken language and the primary language in the Western Hemisphere overall. It is the first language in 20 countries and a significant second language in several other nations, including Belize, the Philippines and the United States, where more than 37 million people are Spanish speakers.


Knowing English opens opportunities — most of the world’s top universities are in English-speaking countries. By understanding English, you’ll be able to learn more through media (movies, radio, etc.), books, and the internet. Lastly, having English language skills provides a competitive edge and broadened employment prospects.


Learn Italian and get to know the Italian culture. There’s no better way to understand a country than to learn the native tongue. Italy attracts millions of visitors every year, but so few realize the importance of learning Italian.





Mandarin Chinese is the most widely-spoken language on Earth, and is the native tongue of nearly a billion residents of this wonderful blue marble. For centuries the most advanced empire on earth, China and its language have been shaping the fields of science, medicine, technology, and music since the early days of civilization. But you live now, in the present, and Chinese is as relevant now as it has ever been.