Take the following test, writing the answers on a piece of paper.
Do not deliberate too long; just go with your first choice!
After you answer the questions, check your answers by clicking on the link at the end of the page to find out whether you are left-brain or right-brain dominant.


1. What is your preference as a course?

a) History
b) Sports

2. Do you depend more on your?

a) Intuition
b) Logic

3. When you listen to music are attracted to?

a) The beat
b) The melody

4. When putting an object together do you?

a) Sense and guess your way through the building process
b) Read and follow the instructions

5. Would you consider yourself?

a) A person who only buys after thinking it over
b) An impulsive buyer

6. Which course would you prefer?

a) Math
b) Drawing

7. In filling out forms, do you?

a) Start filling out the form immediately
b) Read over the form then start filling it out

8. Do you best remember?

a) Faces
b) Names

9. Do you prefer to?

a) Read many books
b) See more movies

10. For directions do you?

a) Write them down, step by step
b) Picture the route in your head

11. When buying clothes are you?

a) Attacted to the colors and innovative style
b) Directed by the functional aspect of the clothes

12. When it comes to your emotions do you?

a) Generally keep your feelings to yourself
b) Express yourself easily and often

13. Do you?

a) Use your intuition
b) Not believe in intuition

14. Are you a person who?

a) Plans his life
b) Lives life spontaneously

15. Which would you most enjoy?

a) A jigsaw puzzle
b) A crossword puzzle

16. Do you doodle?

a) Often
b) Never

17. Are you best at?

a) Scrabble
b) Checkers

18. Do you have a place for everything, and everything in its place?

a) Yes
b) No

19. When you have hunches, do you?

a) Follow your hunches
b) Not believe in hunches

20. Your checkbook is?

a) Always pretty much balanced and you know exactly where your money goes
b) Seldom or never balanced and you can’t figure out where all the money goes

Compare Answers

Now compare your answers with the ones on this list.
If you get a majority of L's (left), then you are left-brain dominant.
If you get mostly R's, then you are right-brain dominant.

1. (a) L; (b) R
2. (a) R; (b) L
3. (a) L: (b) R
4. (a) R; (b) L
5. (a) L; (b) R
6. (a) L; (b) R
7. (a) R; (b) L
8. (a) R: (b) L
9. (a) L; (b) R
10. (a) L; (b) R
11. (a) R; (b) L
12. (a) L; (b) R
13. (a) R: (b) L
14. (a) L; (b) R
15. (a) R; (b) L
16. (a) R; (b) L
17. (a) L; (b) R
18. (a) L: (b) R
19. (a) R; (b) L
20. (a) L; (b) R