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Cecilia c. rasmussen



The company’s founder and chairman, Cecilia C. Rasmussen, is a dynamic learning specialist who has studied under Dr. Georgi Lozanov and has researched the methods of the top leading experts in learning techniques both in the United States and abroad. Madame Rasmussen has over 25 years of experience in foreign language instruction. She has taught high school and college students, individuals as well as celebrities and business executives in both one-on-one and group settings.

Further, she has lectured on and trained educators and psychologists in accelerated learning techniques here in the United States, Mexico and Austria.

It is the quality of her teaching experience and her worldwide studies and research in language acquisition that has enabled Madame Rasmussen to develop a system that truly works. In more than 20 years of operation, Super-Learners has gained an enviable reputation within the community it serves by delivering exceptional foreign language instruction, accent reduction and dialect training.

Madame Rasmussen has become the “go to” linguist for busy people with important language challenges in their lives. Stars consider her their secret weapon whether for a role that demands a language or dialect or just to be well-rounded citizens of the world. An ever-growing number of followers often decide to learn more than one language from her after they find out how easy and fulfilling the learning is. In her courses and CD’s, Madame Rasmussen instills a passion and curiosity for a language, so it is more a discovery than a class. When asked how many languages she speaks, Madame Rasmussen responds “four and half languages.” Inevitably, the follow-up question is always “what’s the half?” She speaks English, Spanish, French, Italian and Danish, and is currently studying Mandarin.



UC Irvine

BA French Literature

BA Spanish Literature

California Lifetime Secondary Teaching Credential


Mission Viejo High School Educator

Beverly Hills High School French, Spanish & Reading Educator


Holistic Methology 100%
Private Tutoring 98%
Kids Programs 71%
Corporate Programs 50%
Skype Lessons 85%


Johnny Depp
Penelope Cruz


Ted Field
Tony Krantz

Corporate Leaders

Chris Albrecht, STARZ
Anne Thomopoulas, HBO