Learning a new language is like making a salad niçoise. You need certain ingredients in order to call it a salad niçoise.

For your new language you need:

Super-Learners Methodology
Super-Learners relaxing class chairs
Super-Learners class ambiance
Super-Learners specially selected and trained Guides (teachers)
Super-Learners Language Script
Super-Learners CDs
Listening to your Super-Learners CDs 30 minutes daily

In addition to the above ingredients for your true fluency in the language of your dreams, Madame Rasmussen suggests the following:

Music CDsin the language you are studying – Begin your library by buying a music CD once a month by different artists.

Collect DVDs that have your language – Once you have seen the movie in English, watch it in the language you are learning. For the following week, play the same DVD in the background while you are cooking, doing chores or falling asleep.

Disney Cartoon Movies on DVD are fun and valuable learning tools. When humor, color and cartoon figures are involved, the right hemisphere takes notice and quickly becomes involved.

Magazines– Select the ones that have fashion, celebrity gossip, recipes and your horoscope. Newspapers are usually in a journalistic style that is not conducive to conversation.

Super-Learners “Genoveva Raconteur” Short Story Series – Classic foreign language stories and original stories by Madame Rasmussen read by her as well as other storytellers.

Trips– Plan a trip to a country where your newly acquired language is spoken. Be right-brained and jot over to Paris, Madrid, Guadalajara or Florence just for the week-end!

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