Most frequent questions and answers

We have been teaching all the major world languages, as well as some minor ones. Please contact uswith the language of your choice

It depends on the program and number of hours you’d like to sign up for. We offer 20, 40, and 60 hour courses. Please visit the Course Descriptions¬†page for more details.

Yes. She has over 20 years of experience teaching the Super-Learners Method. She is extremely sought-after for interviews and talk shows. She’s also in the process of writing her book on left-brain, right-brain learning, and developing her CD/MP3 programs. Rest assured that if you decide to go with one of our teachers, they are all trained by Madame Rasmussen on her Holistic Methodology.

Yes. Mme Rasmussen has incorporated the learning techniques she developed for adults into a fun method for kids. Please contact us if you have children. They’ll love being bilingual, or even trilingual.

Yes. Our group classes meet once a week for two hours. The methodology and the materials are exactly the same as they are in private tutoring. Please check the group class scheduleto find out when the next classes will start, and contact usif you’d like to sign up.

Please take our Dominance Test, which will give you an idea about your brain dominance.

A holistic method works for everybody, because it teaches on both sides of the brain: the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

The brain is phenomenal because it does not erase memories or information from your memory banks. Unbeknownst to you, there is a lot of information still stored on the left side of your brain. When you learn with the Super-Learners Methodology, we help you transfer that information to the right (the conversational side) hemisphere of the brain.

Very young children before they go to school and learn “reading, writing, & ‘rithmetic” are only using the right side of the brain. This is why they learn so quickly. Adults learn on both sides of the brain. To become fluent in a language, however, you must learn more on the right side of the brain. At Super-Learners, you’ll be learning exactly this way.

In our Super-Learners Level 1 (60 hours) Course, you learn to speak, understand, and read in the present, the past, and the future. This allows you to communicate with native speakers. When you can communicate in a language for over an hour without resorting to English, you are then fluent!

There is no comparison. At Super-Learner’s you’ll be learning on both sides of the brain, but more dominantly on the right side, which accelerates your fluency and comprehension in a language at an incredible speed! Conventional classes in high school, universities, and other language schools concentrate almost completely on grammar and writing, which are left brain activities. You will never¬†learn to speak and understand a language if you’re learning it only on the left side of the brain.

The difference is night and day. Super-Learners is the day or the “light” because we use a state-of-the-art Holistic Methodology and recordings, based on right-brain research. Other language schools are the night or in the “dark” because they offer conventional courses that only engage the left side of the brain in the learning process, their system being over 50 years old.

At Super-Learners, we do not have the conventional textbooks (which are completely left-brain oriented) used by high schools, colleges, and all other language schools. Madame Rasmussen has created and developed all the Super-Learners Language Scripts based on the Holistic Methodology she has used for years. This is one of the reasons Super-Learners has been become the place to go to for travelers, superstars, children and anyone who truly wants to be fluent in another language.

Nothing! Unlike other language schools that make you buy their college or high school textbooks, with us, you receive your Super-Learners Script as part of the tuition. You don’t have pay anything extra.

The CD’s/MP3’s in your package are included as part of the tuition. Each week, you’ll be listening to a new story.

Nothing. Like the textbooks, at Super-Learners, all material is included in your tuition.

At Super-Learners, we do not give “homework”, in the traditional sense of the word. At times, we give activities that enhance and accelerate the learning process on both sides of the brain. Our focus is to have you listening (right brain) outside of class as much as possible, instead of writing endless exercises (left brain).

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